Sunday, June 24, 2007

How To Make a Video Game Pixel Art T-Shirt

Hackerzen has a very nice blog post including instructions on making video game pixel art t-shirts. It is an awesome idea if you want to make your own fashion line and its adaptable for any character.

Make a Video Game Pixel Art T-Shirt

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tshirt, The Easier Way to Produce and Sell Your T-Shirt Designs Online

Good news for all bands: there’s a new company called Tshirt, it allows you to produce your own band t-shirts for absolutely nothing and sell them anywhere on-line for a profit.

Anyone who has ever played in a band will tell you, having the band’s own t-shirt worn by their fans is as much a rite of passage as playing their first gig.

However, in the past, if you wanted the nightmare of creating a t-shirt with your own slogan, logo or design, you had to first find a t-shirt manufacturer, put your design together, then get stuck with a minimum order, usually of several dozen, which you’d then have to store somewhere while you tried to sell them.

Now, thanks to T-Shirt Takeaway the nightmare is over. Any band can design a t-shirt in just a couple of minutes - and have the whole manufacturing, selling and delivery taken care of completely.

The best bit is you add the amount of money you’d like to make from each t-shirt sale.

How much do you want to make?… you decide.

Here’s how it works:

Once you have submitted your design to T-Shirt Takeaway you are given a ‘widget’ (a few lines of code) which can be embedded onto your website or MySpace page. Anyone wishing to buy one of your designs simply clicks on the ‘widget’ and they’ll be redirected to the T-Shirt Takeaway shop, where the transaction is completed within seconds.

The t-shirt are only made once an order has been received, so every order is translated immediately into a sales profit for you. All you have to do is return to T-Shirt Takeaway and collect your profits.

Of course, this new on-line t-shirt production service will deliver anywhere in the world and can be used as a simple 'design your own t-shirt' web store by anyone looking to design and sell their own branded clothing through their own websites and, of course, make money on each sale.

If you're not interested in making money by selling your designs, you can use the site to create some totally unique-looking shirts for yourself.

T-Shirt Takeaway
really is one of those ideas where you can’t lose – but with the right design you could make a lot of money.

Looking for plain white t-shirts?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Shogun and Geisha

Huck Gee has taken his fascination with Japanese feudal history to the next level and fused it with the 8 inch Dunny. The Shogun and Geisha finally appear out of history and legend (after much speculation) in 2 versions - red and blue - 300 of each color pair produced.

The Shogun Dunny protects the kingdom from the Eastern barbarians with an impressive collection of weaponry and disciplined combat technique. Each Shogun comes with full vinyl armor, tsuba, sashimono, densen, naginata, katana, wakizashi and geta.

The Geisha Dunny preserves the elegant ancient arts of Japan and entertains royalty through singing, music, dancing and light conversation. Each Geisha comes with a full patterned fabric kimono, obi, geta (sandals) and fan.

Shogun and Geisha Set

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shirts That Text Back

Create your own t-shirts with your own personalized slogan and unique keyword or response with Reactee, an interactive concept that lets people respond to your custom slogan printed on your T-shirt tru text. Organizations, on the other hand, can make t-shirts with their keyword and use them to promote their causes. Reactee make shirts that are fun to wear, look good, and bridge the gap between the physical world, mobile communications and the Internet.

First, you visit Reactee and enter your slogan to be placed on your shirt such as "Am I Hot?" "Save the Reef?" "Like My Music". You also enter the message that those responding to your slogan will receive.

Wait a week or so for your custom t-shirt with your chosen slogan and keyword printed on it to be delivered to you, and then wear it out in public. Anyone who sees your T-shirt can react to your slogan by texting the keyword you placed on the shirt and calling 41411. They'll get a response containing that message you set. It might be fun if you have an extra $20 to spend on a custom T-shirt that says exactly what you want it to. - Reactee

Saturday, June 09, 2007

T-shirt folding machine -Probably the best thing to come out of France ever!

This video from All-Tribes shows how to make an amazing t-shirt folding machine just by using cardboard and a packing tape. People are getting lazy when they need help folding t-shirts. For those that never understood the "ninja folding technique" someone has created a new way to help us all have their clothes tidy. It's quite clever using just a few planks of cardboard. It is very useful and no college dorm room should exist without one of these t-shirt folding machine. It's quicker and the simplest method to properly fold your t-shirt like a pro.

Uploaded by sw

The tshirt machine,
Oh the tshirt machine.
Most amazing device that has ever been seen!
Just turn the knob,
Put in a dime.
Slide in your shirt and in ten seconds time,
Your tshirt comes out!
See? Neat and clean as can be!

"Constructed almost entirely out of cardboardium alloy."

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Anti-DRM T-Shirt Design Design Contest

Torrentfreak is holding an Anti-DRM T-shirt design competition. There are 46 designs right now. Most are actually very funny. Check out all of the tshirt designs for this contest.

"We don’t like DRM, and we’re not the only one. Unfortunately, the majority of the movie companies and record labels still think it’s the best way to “protect” their music. Let us show them it’s not, it only hinders honest customers."

Id like this one to win.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

T-shirt Insurgency

What you will see when you click on our web site contains only a fraction of our ideas. By purchasing shirts and telling your friends about us, you make it possible for the many ideas currently locked up in our poorly ventilated minds to start a new better life on/at the helm of a staggeringly comfortable, non-sweatshop made t-shirt.

Maybe you have a friend with an odd sense of humor. Or a boyfriend who is in danger of becoming a cog or a trained seal. Our shirts can make your friend laugh or they can whisper explosions into your boyfriend's drowsy melon. Our t-shirts are here to serve.

They are also here to fight. Whether you are still deeply distressed by the meatpacking industry of the 1890's or some other contemporary danger to freedom, we are with you-- all the way, no matter what it is. The battle is not up on the podium or in artillery volleys. The battle has gone underground. Join the armies of subversion as they rearrange the borders of Absurdistan.

Here is our weaponized batch, enjoy. T-shirt Insurgency

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Design Your Own Custom T-shirt

Want to design your own t-shirt? Pistol Clothing allows you to design your very own custom t-shirt. They have over 6 t-shirt styles to choose. Designing your own t-shirt has never been easier. They are also offering bulk discounts on T-Shirt Screen Printing. Get started now, customize your own t-shirt, express your thought and let the world know tru your t-shirt design. Customize Your Own T-Shirt Now!

Pistol Clothing