Sunday, June 03, 2007

T-shirt Insurgency

What you will see when you click on our web site contains only a fraction of our ideas. By purchasing shirts and telling your friends about us, you make it possible for the many ideas currently locked up in our poorly ventilated minds to start a new better life on/at the helm of a staggeringly comfortable, non-sweatshop made t-shirt.

Maybe you have a friend with an odd sense of humor. Or a boyfriend who is in danger of becoming a cog or a trained seal. Our shirts can make your friend laugh or they can whisper explosions into your boyfriend's drowsy melon. Our t-shirts are here to serve.

They are also here to fight. Whether you are still deeply distressed by the meatpacking industry of the 1890's or some other contemporary danger to freedom, we are with you-- all the way, no matter what it is. The battle is not up on the podium or in artillery volleys. The battle has gone underground. Join the armies of subversion as they rearrange the borders of Absurdistan.

Here is our weaponized batch, enjoy. T-shirt Insurgency


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're logo (star) and approach is similar to our tshirt site at

I rate the Guantanamo Tee! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Some nice Ts. have a similar logo. They also do t-shirts.