Friday, June 15, 2007

Shogun and Geisha

Huck Gee has taken his fascination with Japanese feudal history to the next level and fused it with the 8 inch Dunny. The Shogun and Geisha finally appear out of history and legend (after much speculation) in 2 versions - red and blue - 300 of each color pair produced.

The Shogun Dunny protects the kingdom from the Eastern barbarians with an impressive collection of weaponry and disciplined combat technique. Each Shogun comes with full vinyl armor, tsuba, sashimono, densen, naginata, katana, wakizashi and geta.

The Geisha Dunny preserves the elegant ancient arts of Japan and entertains royalty through singing, music, dancing and light conversation. Each Geisha comes with a full patterned fabric kimono, obi, geta (sandals) and fan.

Shogun and Geisha Set

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