Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shirts That Text Back

Create your own t-shirts with your own personalized slogan and unique keyword or response with Reactee, an interactive concept that lets people respond to your custom slogan printed on your T-shirt tru text. Organizations, on the other hand, can make t-shirts with their keyword and use them to promote their causes. Reactee make shirts that are fun to wear, look good, and bridge the gap between the physical world, mobile communications and the Internet.

First, you visit Reactee and enter your slogan to be placed on your shirt such as "Am I Hot?" "Save the Reef?" "Like My Music". You also enter the message that those responding to your slogan will receive.

Wait a week or so for your custom t-shirt with your chosen slogan and keyword printed on it to be delivered to you, and then wear it out in public. Anyone who sees your T-shirt can react to your slogan by texting the keyword you placed on the shirt and calling 41411. They'll get a response containing that message you set. It might be fun if you have an extra $20 to spend on a custom T-shirt that says exactly what you want it to. - Reactee

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Charlie said...

Hi! My name is Charlie from Kindred Clothiers (www.kindredmarket.com). I just wanted to compliment you on your great blog. I was also hoping you would be interested in taking a look at a sample of our new collection of shirts.

We are dedicated to great, wearable art on soft tees with our collections inspired by Lumberjacks. Each of our shirts has a back-story attached to its name. For example:

We have a shirt named “Keeping the Dinghy in the Right Place.” It features a picture of a man moving a small boat in a Spanish armada. The story reads:

“Some days the Dinghy just won’t stay in the right place. Please adjust your dinghy in private for the sake of others.”

Our tags are what sell our shirts.

We would love for you to send you one of our shirts and would appreciate the necessary contact and shipping information! I can also send you images of our shirts!

We hope to hear from you soon!

[Charlie Bauer]