Thursday, July 31, 2008

Make Your Own T-Shirt: Design Tips

There are many reasons to design your own t-shirt. From bragging rights to business. Whether you own your own t-shirt company, or are making your first shirt, here are some important things to remember:

Keep It Simple

A simple design will translate to the shirt with more grace than a more intricate one. Keep your ideas simple but effective.

Color Is More Expensive

Nothing beats a cool white on black tshirt (in my opinion.) However some of you less monotone designers may require a little color. Be careful, color can triple your printing costs. By keeping your designs one color you'll save time and money.

The Bigger The Better

Keep your design file large. It's easier for the printer to make a large graphic smaller than the other way around.

However a better idea is:

Download Printer Templates

Most printers provide templates your t-shirt design should be placed on. This template can provide you some easy sizing guidelines.

Making your own custom tshirts can be fun and profitable. Design smart to save yourself trouble later.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cool Shirt from Jp33 "A Windy Day"

green tshirtAre you looking for the perfect for your next park day or political protest?

Here's a cool new design from Jp33. A very hip Dallas, TX design studio, that has a knack for good tee shirts. The shirt comes in a old school off-white color and features a slightly worn distressed vibe. The print itself rocks the subtle earthy tones that will bring out the environmentalist in anyone.

Jp33 uses a water based, ecologically friendly ink with a relaxed texture. So you can rest easy. You won't be a carbon bigfoot.

Show the world how green you can be and look good doing it.