Wednesday, August 24, 2005


What do we have in stock?

|Let The Rabbit Eat His Damn Cereal, by Nico Stumpo|

|Jellyfish Killed My Wife, by Christopher Cliff|

|Bunny and Gopher, by Mary Noynay|

Coming Soon on Magic Pony

Now in their shop but not online: Kozik Large Smorkin Labbits in pink and glow in the dark, Kozik Pimpin Flocked sets Silver & Gold, and the Red Gorillaz figures.

We're expecting a boatful of goods from Toy2R (Qees and more!)this week, restock on Kozyndan prints and Amos Sets. We sold out of Stereotype 3 and the Booted Glamour Cats as soon as we got them in. We're expecting more but please contact us to reserve.


Marcel Dzama

Bedside Manner as depicted by Marcel Dzama. Nurse and Patient are printed on a white t-shirt that comes in both mens and womens sizes.

Marcel Dzama is originally from Winnipeg and is the founder of the collaborative group "The Royal Art Lodge". He is one of the Magic Pony's most favourite artists.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Poketo and Delphi Collective Tees


Several tee's and new wallets from the awesome Poketo. - Various

Monday, August 08, 2005

by Thomas Ryan Red Corn

You know who supports terrrorism? People who own yachts, private jets, and drive vehicles that get 8 miles to the gallon. Let us get off this sauce. Not only are we killing ourselves, we are sending good people to die in the dessert for the right to purchase cheap gas. How much many MILES PER LIFE are we getting in our SUV's?

|Daisy Guns|
by Thomas Ryan Red Corn

This shirt is a creation of student demonstration photographs made famous in the 1960's. Now you can say peace without being so cliche.

The Beginning of August Thing

|Tshirthell New Shirts Are All Magically Delicious!|

We have 5 new shirts this week. Sure, we have the usual favorites that celebrate slutty moms and lousy dads. We also have a takeoff of a classic t-shirt that answers, 'the question' once and for all. But our last t-shirt is so special we had to make two versions! It's a crowd pleaser that's sure to provoke a strong reaction. Wars have been started over less.


|Im in a a gang called The Bloods|

|Yellow Robot Boyfriend|

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Two newbies, four special reprints

We've printed three brand new shirts and brought back four of our other deisgns on new colors.

Psilocybe Cubensis, by Aaron Cox

The Fast Supper, by Stephanie Sachs