Sunday, November 25, 2007

T-Shirt Bags

T-Shirt BagsImage Credit: fujiwara works

Is there a t-shirt in your closet that you’ve outgrown but still want to use? Do you have a t-shirt that you never wear but can’t seem to throw away? Try making it into a t-shirt bag!

A t-shirt bag is a reusable, fashionable craft that you can easily create at home. Since it is made out of fabric, it can be easily folded to fit snugly in your closet. Here are the basic steps in making your t-shirts into functional bags:

First, flip the t-shirt inside out, making sure that the seams are aligned. Cut the sleeves at the point where they meet the rest of the t-shirt. Then, sew the bottom of the t-shirt in order to close it.

Next, decide on whether you want the opening of the bag to be round or square. For round openings, get a bowl and trace a half-circle around the neck of the t-shirt; for square openings, use a ruler. Using your tracing as a guide, cut through both the front and the back of the t-shirt. You now have the basic outline of your t-shirt bag.

Fold approximately 1 cm along the areas where the t-shirt was cut and pin it. Sew the hems, making sure that no loose edges are showing.

Finally, flip the t-shirt right side out and accessorize it! Add designs using fabric paint or sew in ribbons or beads. Also try adding buttons or zippers. You can also make a pocket using fabric from the sleeves that were cut off earlier.

When using the t-shirt bag, remember that the bag is made from fabric; thus, it is best not to place heavy and bulky contents in it so that it doesn’t loose its shape or get torn.

You now have your own functional t-shirt bag! Flaunt it!

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