Monday, August 13, 2007

Functional Fashion is in Style this Season

(NewsUSA) - Selecting the perfect outfit can be a daily challenge, especially during the fall months when the weather becomes as unpredictable as the fall foliage. If you've vetoed everything in your closet and need advice, remember these simple tips for the chilly days of autumn through the cold winter months.

Layers eliminate the guesswork: With the ever-changing fall weather patterns underway, the best way to ensure you stay fashionably warm is with the use of layers. Look for clothing that allows for quick adjustments and can be worn alone, paired with a lightweight layer or under a winter coat. Moisture-wicking pieces, such as the Rapid Descent Zip Hoodie by Columbia Sportswear, work best as base layers by keeping you dry.

Stick with neutral colors and patterns: Earth tones, such as rich berry, moss, cobalt and chocolate, are all the craze this season, but your entire closet doesn't have to be revamped.

Make the most of your fall clothing by adding fashionable pieces in colors that complement your existing wardrobe. Pair a berry top with your favorite black winter coat, or freshen things up with bold patterns and prints.

Look for classic patterns, such as herringbone, houndstooth, glen plaids and twill. These timeless prints will help you transition from season to season in style.

Stay versatile: Gone are the days of wearing a different jacket for every type of weather. Multifunction apparel is in this season. Look for versatile pieces, such as jackets that are both waterproof and breathable so they not only look great, but also function in all weather conditions. When shopping for multipurpose outerwear, stylish softshells are a perfect choice for the whole family during the changing seasons because they are highly breathable and comfortable, yet as protective as a hard shell. The Wildcard Softshell for men and the Crystal Crest Softshell for women by Columbia Sportswear are great picks. Sleek silhouettes, vibrant colors and updated fabric treatments make these jackets fashionable enough for a night out on the town, yet functional enough for a day on the slopes.

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