Tuesday, May 31, 2005

funky, cool t shirts only $10

Threadless is having a sale till the 6th of June. They got some if not the coolest tees ever. You can also submit your own design. They do ship wordwide. International shipping is $8 and $3 for the next item. It usually arrives in a week or less.

My personal faves..

1. Flowers in the attic, by jbyron.

2 The Internet, by Oliver J Moss

3 My Dearest Friend, by booreiland.nl

4 Snack, by Clark Wimberly

5 Nothing, by Carl Nyman/Sixten

6 Maxim Vixen, by Frank Barbara

7 JC was a Streaker, by eskimokiss

8 E-Love, by Hydro74

9 Teddybear loves Teddyboy, by Mr Gaukcowski

10 Dad, by Rodrigo, by David

1 comment:

Bone said...

Thats better, it gives a bit more info to your posts which makes them more interesting, which will make people want to visit again and again.

I just worked out your streetteam name, very clever.

About shipping, that may well just be for the UK as I believe it is easier to ship from the US (Chicago in this case) to the UK than some other countries. Although I suspect that its pretty uniform for Europe. It woulda been nice to have been linked to since I was the one who advised you over this, but no worries.

Am currently wearing the faces t-shirt with 'the future is boring' underneath the images. It's awesome.